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In my Monthly blog I will talk each time about a particular aspect of chronic pain and illhealth and also the ways to heal from almost anything.

Let’s talk about pain – as this is the far and away most pressing issue for those who are seeking healing. Pain is in your face, it hurts and it restricts the sufferer’s life and lifestyle. Whatever else is going on the pain shows up first and foremost for many. Many other distressing symptoms such as inability to move a part of the body or some other restriction are at first bearable if pain is not present. Pain is the most distressing situation for all sentient beings including humans (us).

Pain is usually from a distressing situation going on in the body and/or inflammation somewhere in the body. This is not a normal condition for the body to be in. But we must always remember that pain is a warning – you might even say a gift – because without pain we would not know that our body is in distress and in need of healing. The pain is a sign of a more complex thing going on.


The Gift

It may seem harsh to say that pain is a gift but the fact is that without pain we would have no idea that our body is in crisis, toxic or going into decline in some way or other. Humans generally carry on their lives in their own habitual way – drinking and eating whatever they like and not keeping the body in a state of fitness. Many products we use and other things we come into contact with are toxic and damaging but many remain unaware of this. Pain is telling us something is going wrong. Ignoring it will never help and simply taking medication for chronic pain is a cover-up.

Once it becomes chronic pain then the problem causing it has not been found or even looked for in many cases. Or perhaps if it has been found but normal healing has not occurred. Pain can be from a simple injury or strain, a bacterial infection, a virus or other situation where the body is fighting off invasion. This is usually not chronic and resolves when the intruder is eliminated by the
body and killed off. But many intruders linger on and leave a residue hiding in the tissues of the body. With chronic pain the body is usually suffering from inflammation, oxidation and cell damage. Many are following damaging lifestyles and simply do not connect this with their pain. Levels of toxins in food choice, drinking water, heavy metal contamination, oxidation and stress hormones all create inflammation in the body and the result is pain. If nothing is done to cleanse from all these things then chronic pain is set up and continues.

Chronic pain is best defined as pain that lasts beyond the normal period of healing. Many things could prevent pain from healing such as:-
1) poor diet
2) unfit body
3) poor lifestyle
4) chronic dehydration
5) poor management of the reason for the pain
6) lack of healing sleep
7) bad relationships
8) negative energies
9) stress (high cortisol levels)
10) mind/body imbalance
11) lack of awareness

If you plan to read my books then you will become aware of how to start to eliminate your chronic pain. Your life needs an overhaul and diet needs cleaning up. Change your life. Reduce your stress
levels as stress is a high contributor to body pain. The stress hormones created in the body contribute to damage and inflammation therefore the result is pain. Your mind can also set up a
painful life for you.

Many people cannot make the effort to change while others are desperate for change to eliminate pain. Pain takes over your body and your life. There are some who are in pain all day and cannot
even have a restful sleep at night. It’s here that I say that lack of good sleep contributes to pain – while pain contributes to the lack of sleep. You can seem caught here with no way out. But if you make the effort to change everything and start a new life then your pain can be gone. I have done all of the things I advise people to do. I once could barely get around or walk without
deep pain and muscle deficiency. I am now able to walk around without pain and enjoy my life. I have to say here that whenever I used to fall into the trap of getting stressed over situations my
pain can come back. There were times when even if I was going on holiday that just the organising and packing and rushing would put me into a pain event for days. Evidence of the truth that to keep
stress at bay we must all be vigilant and make sure our learning of being in peace and letting go is ongoing and must be worked on constantly.

When you have spent enough time making new brain pathways to living in peace with no stress then it will eventually come to you naturally each day.

Good luck with your lifestyle changes


Next blog …

How do emfs and RFs impact our health? What can we do? Have you thought to check the measurement of emfs intruding on your home life and/or your work life.? Most of us never give it a thought. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the past 20 years. Many have known no other lifestyle so it all seems normal.

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  1. Hi Coral! I just wanted to say how awesome your post is. I live with many of the things that you mention and I never knew that one thing could cause another. This was so enlightening. Can’t wait for your next post about technology.

    1. Hi Michael, All of the information is contained in the book ‘Surviving Fibromyalgia’. It’s a matter of knowing how it occurs in the first place. If you implement all the information in the book you will start to heal and pain will start to subside. Coral YC

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