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Choose to Heal – Package Deal


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Choose to Heal

This book will free you to heal from chronic pain, disability and fibromyalgia (that dreaded diagnosis doctors know nothing about). The author has been through chronic pain and fibromyalgia and many other debilitating symptoms to come out the other side and be pain free. She has also cured diabetes type 2 and never been on medication for these chronic diseases. She has given up association with day to day doctors who are unhelpful and quite often harmful. You can regain control of your life and health. You will learn everything you need to know about healing your disease state. There are comprehensive Secrets and Answers in this book that millions of patients will never be told. Many will profess to heal chronic illness and pain but have they actually had it and healed it? If not? Why listen? You will also learn how the medical and dental professions have helped to set up chronic disease in unsuspecting people. The author found the secrets and answers by direct research and trial and error. You will discover realisations about how you came to have chronic illness and pain. It will amaze you to find these answers that have long been hidden. Mistreatment, misdiagnosis and harm have been the way of chronic illness and fibromyalgia for many years. “I have healed (from pain and symptoms) and so can you” author’s statement. It is possible to regenerate the body.

Healing Practices

This book is a support or stand alone reference to healing practices that will help and support you during your own healing. The author has researched and used every healing practice in her book.
In her healing journey from chronic pain to a healed existence today these are the therapies and methods that were used to help gain that amazing and europhic state of health. She recommends that these books are all used together for optimum healing results.

My Story

This is the story about the author’s experiences of pain and disability – how she became so ill when she was born healthy – and how she returned to health. Relating her own story helps readers to understand how, throughout their own lives, they became ill and how to check far back into your past to get this information. There are many anedotes of treatment and failures of the system to cope with helping people to get well again. The ups and downs can correspond to the situations of many readers.

This book is the author’s story of her own experience throughout her life of illness and treatments and how she envisages through writing this story you can get a true feel for connecting to a similar story. Your story may be very different or it may be eerily similar but you will still find connections through reading the story from downfall to complete ill-health to the rising above and becoming healthy and free.


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